Our Services

Our Core Services are:

 ♦Business Funding    Business Operations

  Business Resources Network    Notary  

 Project Management    Research  

 Training & Technology Education


  • Business Funding
    The ability to finding funding for a start or expansion can be challenging. We have built relationships with several funding organizations and help match our clients with the organization that will be the best fit for them.

  • Business Resources Network
    Our business resource network is a great program that we offer to help match business owners with the right services for their business. We help our clients find needed resources related to their business and industry.

  • Business Operations

    We work as the behind the scenes partner, assisting with the operation of the business. This service frees up the business owner to focus on their craft knowing they have an operations team to help them run their business.

  • Business Plan & Process
    Every business needs to have documented plan and processes to operate.  Whether you are a startup or existing business, let us help you develop you develop the plan for your business. We also help develop and document business processes. This service is available to assist business owners with development and implementation of business plan and processes.

  • Project Management
    Project Management services are available to assists the business owners with development and implementation of a one time or long-term project.  We work with you from beginning to end of the project and help keep projects on track to achieve the desired result.

  • Notary
    We have a notary on staff to assist with notarizing documents for business owners in our Maryland Office. We are also connected to a network of notaries around the country and can assist with locating a notary in your local area.

  • Research
    Product an Market Research can be very time-consuming process for most business owners.  We offer information research services to our clients.

  • Training & Technology Education
    Training is available on various skills: Business Basics, Financial, Project Management, Technology and soft skill (customer service, interview, sales, etc.) Customized training based on your needs. Check our training page for upcoming classes.

  • Brand Image*
    How your business appears to prospective clients will either attract or repel them,  We perform an evaluation of all aspects of your business that directly and indirectly touch the prospective clients.  The evaluation allows us to see how they see your business and provide feedback to improve your company’s image.